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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) describes the process of improving traffic to a website using natural (unpaid) search results. These results are created by computer programs known as "spiders" that search the Internet and store certain web page components. The spiders then create an electronic database of information compiled from billions of web pages. The database is used to populate Google and Bing search results. SEO efforts are focused on obtaining prioritized positions in the database, so that certain keyword terms will be seen on the first three pages shown.
PA WebSearchâ„¢ Top 15 Search Engines & Directories Charts are featured on Search Engine Watch articles by Danny Sullivan, the world reknowned Internet consultant, journalist, and expert speaker covering search engines since 1985.
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SEO involves multiple criteria when building or updating a website: content and HTML code, meta keyword tags and descriptions, unique keyword placement strategies, keyword-focused website themes, and link popularity. Some SEO improvements are seen within days, but other efforts can take months, making SEO a difficult and time-consuming task. The SEO professionals at Precision Arts design websites that incorporate basic SEO criteria, and we also provide extensive SEO, to assure your website is visible on the Internet.